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Vinyl Flooring & Luxury Vinyl Tiles

When you’re re-doing your home, finding the right materials is essential.

Wood, marble and stone look great — but they’re extremely expensive, and require ongoing work to keep them in good condition. What’s more, a scrape, chip, smash, spill or scratch will ruin them permanently — taking your bathroom, hallway and kitchen along with it.

Our wide range of vinyl and luxury vinyl tiles are the perfect way to create a stone, marble or wood finish in your bathroom, kitchen, or wherever else requires elegant, cost-effective refurbishment.

These low-maintenance items not only remove the risk of breakages, chips, stains or other issues, they provide a near-identical match to their genuine wood, stone or marble equivalents — giving your room the elegant looks, without any of the fuss or expense.

They can also save you money on your heating bills. Our vinyl flooring and luxury vinyl tile range not only provides a fantastic aesthetic, but insulates your room too. Floorboards especially can be very drafty, so our tiles are a very welcome alternative for a modern home.

The Range

At Gloucester Carpet Outlet we stock a wide range of vinyl flooring and luxury vinyl tiles in a variety of finishes from stone, marble or wood finish to transform your home in an instant! We also provide a variety of thickness  and colours to ensure the right look for your home. Visit our showroom or give one of our advisors a call now on 01452 413513 to find out more.

So, whether you’re looking for a familiar choice or a fresh one, you’ll find it at Gloucester Carpet Outlet.

The Service

We excel in finding the vinyl and luxury vinyl tiles for our customers. Whatever the space or the concept, we’ll help you find the match you’ve been looking for — and walk you through your options if you’re unsure.

We also offer our excellent Move, Remove, Fit and Replace Service for any customers who require it. We can arrange for the following:

  • Furniture to be moved
  • Uplift of old carpet/vinyl and disposal
  • Furniture put back in place
  • Subfloor preparation

All you need to do is ask a member of staff — we’re here to help!

How to Calculate

To get a rough estimate on how much your new flooring is going to cost, use the calculator to the right!

  1. Select one of the standardised widths from the dropdown.
  2. Type the length of flooring required in the ‘length’ field.
  3. Select a standardised price from the dropdown.
  4. Hit the ‘Calculate’ button!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vinyl flooring is fairly inexpensive and is available in various designs including wood effect, and colourful dramatic prints. The selections are huge… something to suit everyone.

Vinyl has a soft feel and is available with a slip resistant covering – ideal for homes with children, elderly family members or pets.

We stock ranges of vinyl flooring that are water resistant, making it the ideal flooring choice for the wet areas of the home including bathrooms.

Subfloor preparation is very important. Any imperfection can cause a disfigurement in the vinyl. We offer a floor levelling service, please ask in store for any information.

It is important to consider the needs of your home before making your decision.

LVT stands for Luxury Vinyl Tiles which is the fastest growing flooring product in the UK today.

It is completely waterproof and can be put anywhere. It is quieter underfoot than Laminate, some LVT’s require underlay, and we do not recommend this.

However, please check with your sales adviser in store.

LVT creates a realistic effect with designs mimicking stone, ceramic and hardwood.

There is the ability to arrange the tiles to any desired pattern, personalising it to your room.

If a tile is damaged, tile replacement is unnoticeable, should a repair be required.

Underlay has many beneficial factors, it provides Comfort, and shock absorption due to its cushioning properties. It can prolong the lifespan of your flooring as it protects and absorbs movement. The better the quality of underlay, the more ‘in room’ noise reduction and comfort achieved. It also provides insulation which could reduce your energy bills.

We offer a free, no obligation home consultation service. We will accurately measure your chosen rooms in order to keep waste to a minimum and achieve the best possible price.

If you have not opted for the Uplift and Disposal service then you will need to ensure that all of your old flooring has been removed prior to the fitter arriving. Dependant on the condition of the sub flooring you may need for it to be levelled out.

We boast a large professional and experienced fitting team. They fit carpet, LVT, vinyl, laminate and wood flooring.

Our fitters can be teamed up to move most furniture ready for flooring installation. They can uplift and dispose of existing flooring. There is a fee for this service, and this will need to be arranged prior to your fitting date.

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